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Mr_Weeds_Autos started grow question 4 years ago
My plants are on day 28 and seem very small. There only 5 inches. Started feeding in week 3 but they seem like their dying for some nitrogen. Is there any way to fix the stunted. Growth ?
White LSD Auto Female
3 weeks
White LSD Auto Female Mr_Weeds_Autos
White LSD Auto
1 comment · 4 years ago
Week 2
Other. Bugs
PharmaZ answered grow question 4 years ago
Hey dude, at this stage no there isn’t I would say it takes too much time to recover you could already have a plant 3-4 times bigger if you started again by the time your current plants recover. I’m suffering a stunted issue myself only time will tell. But I can tell you from experience yes your girls too small for that age. I’d it was me I’d start again. The reason I think you have slow growth is lack of oxygen to the roots. You need to feed smaller amounts more frequently rather than drenching the pot and waiting to dry this takes too long at such a small stage..