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Removed started grow question 6 years ago
Spider mites all over the northern lights. It’s half way through flower, what would you do. I have lowered night temps to 15c, put a fan blowing directly into the plant and tonight I shall blast the plant with the shower... anything else you would do? It’s well into flower! Thx..
Deep Sea of Green
15 weeks
Deep Sea of Green Xxxxx
119 comments · 6 years ago
Week 13
Techniques. SoG
Chameleon answered grow question 6 years ago
I would hoover them off periodically and when it gets harvested hang it on a pole with some tangle foot, or something they won't cross on either end and hang it up. The mites will crawl up the bud ( as it's dead ) and along pole until it reaches the sticky stuff, this allows you to see how bad an infestation actually is and to dispose of them by throwing them out !!
Removed answered grow question 6 years ago
hello brother you may order aptus holland 1 time use and all will go away i had same issue and solve like that also i heard that ladybugs and garlic may help u
JUNGLE_B4RNS answered grow question 6 years ago
Sierra Natural Science SNS 217
ConMan answered grow question 6 years ago
I would try Lady Bugs
Removed answered grow question 6 years ago
Nobody likes to be told this, but you are going to consume this shit later on. I would never keep something that's infested with bugs, much less consume it. Who knows what it can do your health.
Everybody gets bugs or mold at some point or another. The only thing I can say is learn form this, next time spray preemptively with neem oil or something like that during stretch and when the flowers are really young, it goes a long way.
Really sorry mate.
Smokwiri answered grow question 6 years ago
bring out one of your old chopped plants, the dried stem with some side branches is enough.
put the stem upside down on your plant with your lights on.
the bastards will start to crawl up the stem to the highest point leaving the healty plant cleaner each time you repeat it.
Green09Ranger answered grow question 6 years ago
CANNASIM is tottaly right, lady bugs will do the job! That's what I do in a case like that before throw the plant away, and specially so beatiful like yours. Give the lady bugs a try!! Happy grow!
CANNASIM answered grow question 6 years ago
Hello Autonutter!
The best thing to do in those cases is to use a natural predator, LADYBUGS are the solution, i m in a very restricted place in the world to this things and i found a hydro/ agriculture center who sells them and i’m in an urban dense place, that to say that is not that hard to find them.

They this angels will clean up your girls for you! :)

...Don’t spray the NL with stuff at this point...

Good luck happy growing!
Jeff123fish answered grow question 6 years ago
Honestly I’d throw it out you’ll never get them all out of the buds, blowing a fan on them is only spreading them around your grow space making it highly likely you’ll get them again. Spider mites don’t like high humidity but if you crank up the humidity then you’ll end up with bud rot. Smoking spider mites can’t be good for you so if you have a lot of them on this plant I’d cut it down sanitize your grow space and start a new run