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ashton_kusher started grow question 3 years ago
what role does pH have in growing a cannabis plant, and how does it differ strain by strain? Is it best to just stick with 1 pH and watch how your plant responds?
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Mr_Positivo answered grow question 3 years ago
While I agree with my comrades above, generally speaking, slavish attention to ph levels is not necessary provided you are generally within range. So called nutrient lock outs are more likely misdiagnosis's of issues to do with over watering, feeding and lighting issues. Pay attention to these first.
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi Ashton ! Ph is one of the most important parameter in any plant growth ! Ph imbalance can lead to nutrients lockout > then it will cause nutrients deficiencies. Nutrients are mostly available (in soil ) in a PH range between 6.0 and 6.5 in the late growth and the flowering stage so a Ph too low or too high can lead to a nutrients salt build ups because at some PH range she is unable to use the nutrients you'r giving to her so it can result a Ph burnt / nutrient burnt. The main differences between 2 strains will be their ph "sweet spot" or their abilities to resist to a ph fluctuation or even a higher/lower range than usual. I won't talk about Hydro ratio cuz you'r in soil so I hope my answer makes you see clearer !!! Happy growing :kissing_heart:
Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
@ashton_kusher Hi and welcome on GrowDiaries! Well, pH is regulating the way cannabis handle nutrients intakes. Having a wrong pH in your waterings will result in nutrients deficiencies, and/or nutrients lockout. You should never stick to a fixed pH but rather apply a pH range, by moving your pH a bit in each watering or each week. Considering you're growing in soil, you should apply a pH range between 6.0 and 7.0 but I've experienced better results sticking to a 6.0-6.5 pH range, especially during flowering stage. If you're planning to feed with foliar spray, then the pH should be above 7.0. Remember you need to calibrate your pH-pen when you buy it, and 1 to 3 times a month. Hope this helps, keep us up-to-date and happy growing! :facepunch:
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
In the correct pH level, the plant absorbs nutrients the best, the range depends on the media you are growing and is not strain dependant. If your pH is too out of range you can block the plant ability to absorb some nutrients, regardless of how much you feed it.
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there! A great resource is this page (check out their pH Charts):

This helps visualize it. The plant has a hard time taking up nutrients depending on the pH. Some nutrients are taken at a low pH, some at a high. But the all vary. Keeping it between 5.5-6.3 (for hydro) or 6.0-7.0 (for soil) will guarantee your plants will take up the nutrients it needs. Out of this range for too long can cause all sorts of weird issues. You can get discoloration on leaves, wilting, all sorts of leave deformities. Basically what's happening is your plant is starving for a vital nutrient -- and you're seeing the effects of it. Don't be too anal about it though, as pH Up and pH Down are strong chemicals. Be gentle and and try to keep it in the range. Also, you often see pH swings when nutrients start to be used up. In hydro it's very obvious. When the ppm of the water goes way down, the pH usually follows. Just a few of my ideas! Good luck on the grow!
DudeGrowsWeed answered grow question 3 years ago
PH greatly affects the plants ability to absorb nutrients. This applies to all strains. In soil you want the PH to be between 6.0-7.0, hydro 5.5-6.5.

Being a little high or a little low with PH, while not really OK, will not kill the plant. But if the PH is way off you could kill it.

Good luck! :+1: