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The_La started grow question 3 years ago
Can I have too much light in my tent?
I have 3 600w dual spectrum hID in my 2.4 mtr tent
My temps are fine , 30 inches between bulb and plant top , but one of my plants has started to foxtail a bit ( like a crown )
I know people with 2 gavitas ( 2k watts) without this issue,
Week 13
Techniques. Defoliation
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
the main reason plants foxtail is light issues , the other reasons could be stress, gens and temperatures. can you actually have too much light with LEDs... kinda not, i mean the sun is the brightest thing you can find on earth , probably beats 10 1kW lights no problem, and it does it daily. What might have happened is inconsistent lighting. So if you add more and more light, the plant freaks out because it's expecting less and less light as time goes on. Say in nature the plant should live through summer then near the end of its life in autumn which would have less light not more. So that's a common source of stress. Varying light distances also doesnt help if you don t do it right, that could be the other source. As a final comment on foxtailing : does it suck ? yeah a bit, but those foxtails are hella potent , and in the end they dont end up hurting yield much at all. Just check the trychomes, for when it's done. If it's started foxtailing, nothing much you can do about it - just ride that wave all the way to the finish line. Hope this helps bro! :rocket:
HighTV answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi there The_La! You only mention foxtailing and given your temperatures and pictures I don't suspect you are seeing any other signs of light/heat stress so we will focus on the foxtailing. Is the foxtailing because of the light? Well- to figure that out the questions are simple - Is the part that is foxtailing closest to the light and how far are you into flowering? Ok, that second question seems dumb lol but its really not. You are into week 8 of flower so any genetically caused Foxtailing would have shown already. That leaves us with light/heat induced foxtailing except your heat is fine (2f to high, but hey nothing foxtail worthy), leaving us with just Light induced foxtailing. I HIGHLY suggest using LST to keep those tops down and/or raising your light. At the end of the day foxtailing isn't a big problem and only hurts bag appeal so you will be fine! Hope that helps! :sunglasses:
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello bro ! I won't say you have too much light in your tent , you can put 2000w easily in such a tent and you have 1800w with a better light repartition with your 3 bulbs. Your temps are perfect and I can't see any signs of light burnt however your ec is still 5.5 but you should be around 5.8 in coco , that's why your plants are so dark green it's because at 5.5 your plant can have acces to more nitrogen than P and K ( take a look at an hydro/soilless Ph chart on google ). Now even if your temps are around 26°C in your tent I bet that around the top of the plant the temps are higher than what you think and "praying leaves" are sign of low humidity ( not your case : 50% is perfect at that stage ) of high heat ( could be that ) and/or too much light ( in your case not too much but maybe too close ). And by the way the fact that they are praying is not what I call a foxtailling , it's more when the buds seems to have volume but no consistency. My advice is too put the light a bit higher (40 cm from the top as without cooltube it should be 60cm and with it can be low to 30cm only when your plants does not shows signs of heat stress. I hope it will help you :grin::+1: