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DavoGrow started grow question 5 years ago
Does anyone know what the really small silver streaks could be? Im growing in a cupboard which is a consistent temp of 22 Celsius. Have checked undersides of leaves for pests and cant seem to see anything.

Is it a nutrition deficiency. I have not used any fertiliser yet.
Royal Dwarf - first grow
6 weeks
Royal Dwarf - first grow DavoGrow
Royal Dwarf
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Week 3
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mad_scientist answered grow question 5 years ago
Hello @DavoGrow ! The silver streaks are indeed a sign of thrips and the other thing at your leaves that looks like dried saliva is called honeydew and can be produced by many bugs like thrips, mealybugs, scale bugs and others. Just keep an eye on it and if you want you can make a preventive spray. I like to use natural pyrethrine. If the thrips are in larva stage its a little difficult to see them but you can see them. They are like very tiny white maggots crawling at the under side of the leaf and they camouflage them selves by moving at the nerves of the leaf . If they are adults you will see them very easy and they look very scary but they are harmless for you. Happy growing ! :facepunch:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 5 years ago
The silver streaks are Thrips, you cant see them with the eye. the are undermining the leaves of the plant, living on the undersite. You can do differtent biological spraysolutions , companion plants etc. i will let you a link for a helping site with recipes....