DYNOMYCO is not your ordinary mycorrhizal inoculant. DYNOMYCO was formulated for cannabis cultivation. It's produced in-house by our team of biologists and mycologists. Unlike many products out there that outsource their ingredients, we do not. Therefore, we have the highest standards of QA and QC. Below are just some of the benefits of using DYNOMYCO. SUPPORT PLANT HEALTH DYNOMYCO mycorrhizal inoculants will enhance your plants' natural defenses against environmental stress and allow them to thrive in a variety of growing conditions. IMPROVE PLANT NUTRIENT UPTAKE DYNOMYCO’s helpful fungi help your plant absorb more nutrients. The fungi latch onto plant roots and effectively extend their access to otherwise unavailable nutrients. DYNOMYCO is based on thirty years of research undertaken by a team of agronomists and plant and soil experts. Our expertise is mycorrhizal fungi and its impact on obligate mycotrophs (plants that depend on mycorrhiza for development). MAXIMIZE PLANT POTENTIAL DYNOMYCO uniquely high concentration of powerful propagules helps your plants realize their full potential in terms of yields and overall health. On top of all those benefits, with DYNOMYCO you'll be using less product than our competitors, pay less per plant, and on top of that get far more propagules (the active ingredient in DYNOMYCO) than any other product out there.

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Blueberry Muffin ⁴ / Humboldt Seed Company / Green House Feeding / Grow #6
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"Root Ball Reveal" Gelato? NO SHERBLATO!
27 weeks
"Root Ball Reveal" Gelato? NO SHERBLATO!Dwillsun1
Premium Cultivars - Sherblato
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Auto Northern Lights MOC Closet grow
15 weeks
Auto Northern Lights MOC Closet growLiamF
Ministry of Cannabis - Auto Northern Lights
a year ago · 1 comment
Do The Mash-The MonsterMash 2022-23
13 weeks
Do The Mash-The MonsterMash 2022-23Tropicannibis_Todd
Exotic Seed - Monster Mash
a year ago · 165 comments
Code Name FBT2307
12 weeks
Code Name FBT2307 Tropicannibis_Todd
Fast Buds - Guava Auto
a year ago · 121 comments
Gelato-K Kannabia
24 weeks
Gelato-K Kannabia DeepRootsGrowTrees
Kannabia Seed Company - Gelato-K
a year ago · 27 comments
Sour diesel X northern lights auto
13 weeks
Sour diesel X northern lights autoRoberts
Sour diesel x northern lights auto mix
2 years ago · 37 comments

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5 weeks
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i could see how it works, fantastic
a month ago
Gutes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis
a month ago
wow, its clear to see how good that product works
a month ago
iam totally convinced. this time i could see how the Plants react awsome
a month ago
Mycorrhizal würde ich zu jeder Pflanze die was zu ernten hat beigeben 😁.
a month ago
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Thanks to every one for the great reviews! We hope to continue providing top-quality mycorrhizae inoculants to all of you. Happy Growing ✌️🏼🌱
Never growing without DYNOMYCO again. This stuff works proper!!
Yes I was very interested in a possible sample of your guys product if possible please email at
This stuff is the real deal! I'll never grow without it again!