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Cali Pro Bloom B

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It kept the plant green? lol, seemed to do what it was meant to. didn't use the veg nutes so ignore rating.
Had a better run with these this time, used more than suggested (usually around 0.5-1ml extra of each), no noticeable nute burn, and kept the leaves looking good until the last 5 days when they started to appropriately yellow. No complaints.
Thank you Emerald Harvest your my favorite nutrient line and I love you for it.
To be honest I haven't noticed any difference using these nutrients, even over feeding i didn't notice any significant nute burn or anything. I'm either not using enough or they aren't worth the money.
Performed to expectations. Used a high nutrient load than normal - about 2/3 rather than 1/2 recommended.
Performed to expectations. Used more nutrients this year than previously. About 2/3 recommended load vs. 1/2.
Performed as expected. Used a higher load than normal... roughly 75% of recommended dosage rather than 50%.
does what it's supposed to do, this is only my 4th grow/harvest, and first grow using these nutrients. didn't notice any significant nute burn or deficincies so must be doing the job? last nutes i used were way less concentrated but noticed way more burns, so i think i prefer this stuff. Yeah, i do like how its really concentrated, 1.5ml of each while in heavy veg or bloom. easy.
Fantastico risultato garantito
Outperforming like always:heart:
Very easy to use, can’t go wrong. They definitely worked super well with my plant.
Always the best. This is my main go to nutrient line. Used on 1 plants