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Keep it simple!

Simplicity is our secret for success!

Most fertilizer brands on the market require customers to buy a line of products, making things expensive and complicated. 

Green House Feeding aimed in the opposite direction, creating a powder product that delivers unprecedented results with minimum cost and a user-friendly approach.

Easier to transport, easier to store, easier to use, and with a longer shelf life than liquid fertilizers. 

Green House Feeding currently offers a whole line of mineral products and a full line of bio / organic products which allow the grower to grow in his preferred way. 

Green House FeedingGreen House FeedingGreen House FeedingGreen House FeedingGreen House Feeding

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it helped me a lot during the decanting phase due to the stress of the plant, recommended

19 hours ago

Incredible nutrients! Easy to use and does it’s job

3 days ago

I think it messed up with my plants at the end. Not the ferts fault though, because I had to mix with other brand.

4 days ago

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Latest comments


I have been looking for good european organic nutrients for a while.
Was wondering if you guys could send me a test kit for my next grow diary ?
would love to work with you guys :facepunch::wink: cheers!