Namaste Nutrientes


Namaste Nutrientes is an Argentine company with a 10-year history in the wholesale nursery and grow-shop market. They offer a varied and innovative product line of high-quality, easy-to-use fertilizers, both organic and mineral, that help cultivators restore soil structure, germinate, and develop strong roots. Their product range includes vegetative and flowering stage fertilizers, such as "Amazonia," "Oro Negro," "Shanti," "Flora Booster," and "Trico+," as well as supplements like "Bioprotect," "Clonaste," "Detox," "NutriPack," and "PH-." Namaste Nutrientes' balanced nutritional plans ensure excellent final results by optimizing flower and fruit production, ideal for use with organic substrates. 

Namaste NutrientesNamaste NutrientesNamaste NutrientesNamaste NutrientesNamaste Nutrientes
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Los productos nacionales con una gran trayectoria y evidencias de que realmente funcionan
6 months ago
Producción nacional y de Exelente resultados🇦🇷
7 months ago
Productos nacionales de argentina muy recomendables
7 months ago
Productos nacionales de buena calidad.
8 months ago
Excelentes productos. Incrustéis nacional y económicos. Lo más importante de todo es que son funcionales y con muy buenos resultados. El detox para que sea completamente efectivo hay que usar agua de osmosis inversa hasta el final
8 months ago
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