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Vegamatrix is the company that based on the princples of human love and care of the planet.

The company is located in USA. Vegamatrix collective always researches new methods to develop the most safe and useful products to make the world a better place.

Vegamatrix nutrients are created for growing with any substrate or growing media.




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Skunk_Life85 Apprentice
It was an ok line, a little pricey for the end product. Never had a deficiency and I was using Distilled.
3 minutes ago
Finsfan Apprentice
I honestly would've preferred ionic grow,but had this bottle so going to use it lol. Says it won't burn the plants, but that's not true lol.
4 days ago
Finsfan Apprentice
The vegamatrix seemed to be strong for my grow. With autos though I'm still learning as is.
6 days ago
Skunk_Life85 Apprentice
Outstanding line, the flavor is more crisp, it's hard to discribe. I would have to say Bloom is the best nute they have, the ratios and sources of nutes is geared toward cannabis, not food crops. Veganic and you can tell the difference with growth rates and there's no nut burn even with high ppm's(1100+)
1 month ago
Skunk_Life85 Apprentice
Works well as a veganic line, a little pricey, but would have to say I didn't have any deficiancys or burning even with high ppm levels.
1 month ago

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