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Vegamatrix is the company that based on the princples of human love and care of the planet.

The company is located in USA. Vegamatrix collective always researches new methods to develop the most safe and useful products to make the world a better place.

Vegamatrix nutrients are created for growing with any substrate or growing media.

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Always prove to be the bomb. Added the new Vegamatrix phyre this grow and only used my VSS kit on transplant. Works well this way. Can’t wait until I can get my hands on the upcoming Hypha Product from Vegamatrix and this super soul recipe I’ve read so much about.

7 months ago

Hands down the cleanest and most effective nutes, I swear by them

10 months ago

Vegamatrix is my go to. I recommend it to everyone and no one listens. The grow is phenomenal, the flavor profiles are off the hook. They have simple effective ways to combat and control pests and I was thouroughly impressed to add Phyre on this grow to replace my VSS.

10 months ago

Did the job nicely! Will use it in my next grows to confirm

1 year ago

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