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Strawberry Tree

Strawberry Tree has emerged from the cross between the Cup winners Wedding Cake and Dosi-Orange # 9. In a long-term breeding project, the most potent Wedding Cake mother was selected among hundreds of plants and united with a rare elite clone of Dosi-Orange # 9. The result was an outstanding new cannabis strain that smells as delicious as a whole strawberry field and completely captivates you with its effects.

Strawberry Tree plants are resistant and show a enormous growth and high productivity. During flowering time, the plants convert this energy into the development of highly potent flowers with an exceptionally large amount of resin. The flowers build huge amounts of resin, which is why we recommend the variety for the production of high quality concentrates and cannabis oil.
When enjoying the glittering fragrant buds, their effects unfold quickly and show themselves in their various colorful facets. The smoke is mild and fruity and puts you in a true wave of euphoria and creativity. Full of energy, happyness and at the same time spiritual serenity she brings you into other spheres and expands your senses until you can taste colors.

We fell in love with their effects and can not get enough of her high and the delicious aroma. We are proud to present a balanced and again incredibly heavy and strong cannabis strain and make it accessible to you.

Give her plenty of light and enough nutrients to get the best results. With the Scrog method, you can further increase the yields. The variety is suitable for cultivation in the house as well as for outdoor cultivation.
Strawberry Tree can reach a overwhelming THC level of up to 34% under excellent growing conditions. She is a lady, a queen and always a good choice if you are looking for a strong and aromatic strain. Reliable, it produces great crops and spoils you with the tastiest and most fruity strawberry flavor you can imagine.
Strawberry TreeStrawberry TreeStrawberry TreeStrawberry Tree
Gender Feminised
Genes 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
Genetics Wedding Cake x Dosi-Orange #9
Harvest 550 g/m²
Flowering 70 - 77 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Room Type Greenhouse
Release Year Previously Released


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Tastes & Effects

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Silky_smooth GrandMaster
Strawberry Tree
Growing it
Very nice strain to work with and very resistant to pests actually

I was planning on growing her out in a little 0.5L thermosbottle that came with the package but she preformed so outstanding that i had to transplant her into a 5L bucket and she rewarded me in such a beautifull way
8 months ago

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