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Northern Lights is a strain that comes from an old rare phenotype. It took the first prize at La Bella Flor 2006 and the second Hidro Award in Spannabis 2007. This is exceptional resin producer and very popular variety due its high yields, a strong narcotic high and ease of growth. Northern Lights is an almost pure indica strain that contains 90% indica and 10% sativa genetics.

This is the small plant with a robust, compact structure and fleshy, dark-green leaves and thick buds. ย The plant is ideal for hydroponic systems but it also suits and for others. The strain doesn't produce strong smell during the flowering that takes only 8-9 weeks. The harvest time comes in September-October and brings to 100gr/plant outdoors and 450-600 gr/m2 indoors.ย 

Northern Lights delivers a typical indica effect with an intense relaxation of mind and body.


1 set_ounce
Harvest Weight


Gender Feminised
Genes Indica 90% / Sativa 10%
Genetics Northern Light
Harvest 350 gr/m2 +
Flowering 7 - 9 weeks
THC high

Tastes & Effects

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