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Medical Mass is a new medical cannabis strain with a high CBD content and a low THC level that provides good medical properties without a strong psychoactive effect. This is a mostly indica plant that contains 40% sativa and 60% indica. Critical Mass and CBD rich strain were crossed to create this amazing valuable variety.  

The plant suits both for indoors and outdoors, for beginner and experienced growers. The strain grows up to 60 - 100 cm tall and produces good yields for such height of about 500 - 550 gr/m2. The plant demonstrates great results even in small spaces. The flowering time takes only 7-8 weeks and the harvest comes in late September. 

The smoke brings very strong, intense flavors with sweet notes of honey and skunk and an intense pleasant relaxation. Medical Mass is the great choice for each medical user due its small height, ease of growing, fast flowering and of course great medical potency. 



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Gender Feminised
Genes 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Genetics Critical Mass x CBD dominant plant
Harvest 500 - 550 gr/m2
Flowering 7 - 8 weeks
THC medium
CBD medium

Tastes & Effects

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CBD_Sweden GrandMaster
Medical Mass
Growing it
2018-02-07 Time for the harvest.
Most of the journey has been great.
Thanks to Royal Queen Seeds for the great genetics.
The sad part of it all is that the pH-level were way too high, which in some way worked out great during veg - but a few weeks into flowering she started to develop light green leaves, and the stems were starting to get purple.
I assumed that she was not getting enough nitrogen and probably other crucial nutrients.
I added some more Bio-grow and first it seemed like she was recovering for a few days, but no. I flushed her with about 20l water and waited 2 days and then I repeated the procedure, hoping that she had a buildup on her roots and that the problem was gone. But still no.
So I decided to buy a new pH-meter (ADWA AD11) and the result of measuring the pH in my water showed 8.1 So she never really recovered, and the result of that were buds that should have been much bigger if she would have been fed with drinks holding pH5.8 - 6.2 which is optimal.
But I definitely learned a lesson there, so it's not just bad!
Now I know the importance of the right pH-level and if you don't have a pH-meter - buy one.
The time here now is 00:33 and I really need some sleep, but I'll finalize this tomorrow.
Over and out for now.
2018-02-22 The curing has come to it's end, the only thing now is to see what she tastes like and hopefully she will be curing my every pain ;)
This is my review / smoke report of this lovely cbd flower.
There are rock hard buds and almost no give at all, even in those smaller buds.
When you grind it the scent will appear more than just smelling on the buds.
It smells a little weak of grass, wood, bark, sweet, lemon, honey, skunk and some kind of spice.
The taste is orange, mandarin, honey, bark, popcorn and pepper.
The effect is directly, the thc feeling above the eyes and in the forehead, it fells like its a higher thc levels in this strain compered to the cbd strains i tried before.
A little light ringing in the ears and a slight dry mouth.
After 10 minutes, the cbd kicks in and and balance the thc high.
The neck and shoulders begin to relax and the feeling continues down over the back and chest down to the stomach.
A calming, relaxing, and slightly energetic feeling.
After 15-20 minutes it is down in the legs and feet, and you can feel a vibrating feeling in your muscles, joints in a pleasant way.
It reduces my tense muscles and some of the nervpain i got.
Its a good strain for releasing stress and get you in a relaxed and satisfied mood.
It is a very well-balanced strain and it fits in all sorts of contexts.
If you take this in the morning or mid day it will give you a small energy boost and get you in the mood for doing something.
And in nighttime it makes you ready for bed.
I think this is a lovely strain and I highly recommend it to everyone but especially for more inexperienced people that dont like the high thc strains and want to have a good relaxant, pain controlling, anti depressant medication that also can give energy or help with getting to sleep.
This is a must try strain.
12 months ago

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