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Fruity slightly earthy aroma and blueberry, sweet flavor. Heavy, compact buds. Impressive yields. Ultimate medicinal plant. Big Indica body stoner. Potential THC level high. The original Blueberry is composed of an exotic mix of genetics: Chocolate Thai, Afghani and Highland Oaxacan Gold. Sheโ€™s originally from California, USA, where she was conceived by the famous DJ Short. This Blue Berry was then crossed with one of our best Northern Lights Special fathers resulting in an Indica dominant strain. A 75% Indica strain with a high level of THC. She can also be grown outdoor in more Northern Countries and produces blue shades on its leaves as days get colder. Our Blue Berry has three phenos with variation in budshape, leaves, high and color. Pheno #1 (Indica dominant) has a stretched, compact budstructure, a great flower-to-leaf ratio. The overall appearance is a green plant with a few purple pistils. With pheno # 2 (Indica dominant) both the buds and leaves will turn purple. She has that oldschool Indica buzz. Pheno # 3 is more Sativa inclined. Only the calyxes turn purple. She forms one large, tall bud and will have more of a Sativa high. Overall you can say Blue Berry is a short, sturdy and stocky plant producing heavy, compact buds. She has candleshaped calyxes, medium to large. In ideal conditions these calyxes can turn purple. Flower-to-leaf ratio is good. You can prune or fim her to improve yield, but she does need some room. She doesnโ€™t require too much nutrients. Vegetative period should be about three weeks. Blue Berry has a fruity somewhat earthy aroma and a berrylike, sweet flavor. She has a long-lasting Indica high with a body stoned sensation. Medicinal value: insomnia, digestive problems, emotional problems, nausea, diarrhea, menstrual cramp, chronic pain, joint and muscle pain and fibromyalgia.



1 set_ounce
Harvest Weight


Gender Regular
Genes 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Genetics (Chocolate Thai x Afghani #1 x Highland Oaxaca) x NL Special
Harvest 450 - 550 gr/m2
Flowering 8 weeks
THC high

Tastes & Effects

1 Grower
1 Grower
1 Grower
1 Grower
Dry eyes
1 Grower
Dry mouth
1 Grower
1 Grower
1 Grower
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1 Grower


CBD Spliff Berry CBD Kush Blue Berry

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BarneyGreen Apprentice
Blue Berry
Growing it
Very nice strain to grow and is stress resistance. Makes nice bud that are long and compact.
10 months ago
Blue Berry
Growing it
This Blue Berry strain was a breeze to grow, I enjoyed it a lot. She responded well to everything I threw at her Topping, LST, and Super cropping.

The flower smokes smooth and tastes good, sweet, floral, and a hint of mint.

I have just started my cure so the smoke will only improve.

The smell is very seductive, almost like an artificial blueberry candy.

The high: I've been looking for a good indica dominant strain for quite some time, I don't know if I would say this is perfect but it's pretty close. I begin to feel effects in about 15 minutes starting with a slight pressure behind the eyes, dry eyes, then a wave of relaxation down the spine and throughout the entire body. Strong euphoria as well. I have insomnia and was able to get a very deep full nights sleep after smoking.
2 years ago

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