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Fantastic fruity aroma and bubblegum flavor. Short and stocky structure. Vigorous growing stage. Fastflowering in 8 weeks. Rockhard, sticky buds. Medicinal painkiller. Rushing, energetic high. Potential THC level high. Bubblegun has Mexican Sativa, Columbian Gold and Afghani Indica genetics. Originally from Indiana, USA, she was further improved in Holland. We used our AK to improve budstructure and yield. Our bubblegun is an Indica dominant strain with a high THC and CBD level, but with a definitive Sativa high. Bubblegun is compact and stocky and matures in about 8 weeks. She germinates really quickly and will surface in 2 to 3 days. She has tremendous root development, resulting in a thick stalked plant. She is not too branchy. Both growing and flowering stage are vigorous, so you might need to prune this beauty. Pregrow under 24 hours of light will help keep her short, which is the sensible thing to do if you use the SOG method. Another way to limit height is to top or to fim her (this will create multiple buds) in the growing stage after reaching the third internode. That will limit her height, however does make her more bushy and require her to have more space in between individual plants. She has a great yield from her sticky buds. The buds are hard, compact and resemble somewhat the AK nugs. Bubblegun has a longlasting, rushing and uplifting high. And her sweet, bubblegum taste have made her a firm favorite among smokers. She is a great painkiller. Medicinal value: headache, back pain, chronic pain, muscular pain and loss of appetite.




Gender Regular
Genes 55% indica / 45% sativa
Genetics (Mexican x Columbian x Afghani) x AK
Harvest 400 - 500 gr/m2
Flowering 8-9 weeks
THC high

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