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Citrus/berry aroma with a pungent kush taste. Very relaxing body stone and narcotic effect. Medium sized plant with high yields of sticky lemon buds. The plant can grow purple due to the Strawberry and O.G. lineage. Excellent for relieving stress, pain, lack of appetite, insomnia and nausea. Potential THC level high. 70% Indica.
We crossed the Spliff Strawberry with the most potent O.G. Kush male we have in our breeding rooms. After selfing these plants for several generations to increase stability, we started commercial seed production at S4 and S5. The result is a kush hybrid which takes a week less to finish than our Strawberry, but with the high potency of O.G. Kush. Purple Berry Kush buds give a wonderful combination of great flavour with a potent high. The plants stay small and produce wide, dark, shiny kush-shaped leaves. Similar to Spliff Strawberry, Purple Berry Kush is ideal for the sea of green grow method, as she stays medium height with a minimal amount of stretching once flowering commences.
During vegging, she is strong and sturdy and does not need much encouragement. She can handle a large amount of nutrients, so it’s possible to feed with higher E.C. levels. Once this strain starts flowering, the growth pattern will display many strong branches. Purple Berry Kush plants grow one main cola which is closely surrounded by similar sized branches. She flowers in 60 days and produces dense silver nugs that smell like lemon and fuel. You will notice how the plant turns purple as she matures, displaying beautiful end of season colours. She produces high yields of potent flowers, so you need to ensure your carbon filters are up to scratch when flowering her. This strain has a unique taste, a strong medicinal effect and a pungent kush odour which reflects her potency. A perfect strain for anyone who loves fruity flavours and the dank kush aftertaste! Outdoors, this strain works brilliantly in sunny climates. Purple Berry Kush is as reliable to grow outdoors as she is indoors.


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Gender Feminised
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics Spliff Strawberry x OG Kush
Flowering 9 weeks

Tastes & Effects

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Dry eyes
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Tryhard GrandMaster
Purple Berry Kush
Growing it
So from day one she grew strong over a foot tall by week three with good branching I ripped her up beginning of week five flipped

her beginning of week 6 I gave her a week to re root. I also cropped her when I replanted her she was hugely stressed but pulled through to give me more leaning towards the strawberry pheno I’m goner say that from how orange she is and the fact she smell really fruity there will be More of a update has soon has have finnished trimming and cured for another week. ITs been a pleasure has usual doing this strain on growdiaries

bud was quite dense I’m goner go with a 9/10

10/10Flavour well let’s say I got a good pheno this girl was so fruity smelling it was really untrue. She was out smelling every other strain in my tent

Frosty 9/10 I have to give high marks because it was so frosty this girl pushed out loads of trichomes over the flowering period was really unexpected

Smoke report 9/10
Reall fruity with-a diesel earthiness after taste very smooth the high sneaks up on you get a 2 hour buzz but after 20 minute wait. Where you get spaced out unable to move brilliant for sleep. And I don’t watch comedy whilst I’m smoking it I laugh that hard I couldn’t breath.

Yield was good if you check the full diary you will see why 84g was a good yield. IF I Ever grew again i would achieve over 100g with the same Veg time
4 months ago
Growlev Apprentice
Purple Berry Kush
Growing it
Purple Berry Kush #1 - 51,8 Grams
Purple Berry Kush #2 - 43,5 Grams
Moonwalker Kush #1 - 64,4 Grams
Moonwalker Kush #2 - 57,7 Grams

Total: 217,4
1 year ago

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