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Removed started grow question 4 years ago
What’s wrong with this plant ?
FastBuds - BlackBerry Auto 2x
7 weeks
FastBuds - BlackBerry Auto 2x TheWeedMan
Blackberry Auto
15 comments · 4 years ago
Week 6
Techniques. Defoliation
mad_scientist answered grow question 4 years ago
Hello @Danweedman ! That is a calcium deficiency and a little bit of phosphorous . First case for the calcium deficiency its because of your water . What is the EC of your water before you add the nutrients ? If its lower than 0.2 ms/cm then you need to consider start using the flora micro soft water and not the hard water or add some cal/mag until you get 0.4 ms/cm and then add the rest of the nutrients . Second case for your calcium and phosphorus deficiency is that the PH is a bit low . At this case first calibrate your ph meter and check if it was ok ( very common thing to have an off set PH meter... ). Then flush it with PH' d water and nutrients at your current EC value until you have a significant amount of run off ( 2-3 times the volume of your pot ) or you can measure the PH from the run off ( even though this technique isn't working properly to soils ) and stop the flushing according to the measurement. Third case for your calcium deficiency is that you are using a very strong phosphoric acid for PH down .If for some reason you don't start to steering immediately after you drop the PH down in to the tank then it reacts with calcium to form calcium phosphates ( caP ) . That is calcium and phosphorus that are no longer available. Try to diluting your PH down a little bit before you use it or start steering immediately after you drop it in to your mixing tank. Happy growing ! :facepunch:
Stick answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi @TheWeedMan! She's suffering from over-feeding. You're giving way too many nutrients to this poor baby. I've grown some BlackBerry from FastBuds and noticed it was very sensitive to nutrients intakes. The dark color tells us she received too many Nitrogen in the past weeks, and the brown spots / yellow leaves are potentially a sign of a Phosphorous deficiency. My guess is that she was flooded with nutrients, so you created a nutrient-lockout, and she was not able to digest some of them (Phosphorous, Cal/Mag, Boron...). Now as an emergency move, I'd try to flush her for a few days with plain pH'd water, make sure to rinse the whole container multiple times, to get rid of any salt buildup and restart feeding later, on a healthier basis and with smaller amounts of fertilizers. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and happy growing :facepunch:
DudeGrowsWeed answered grow question 4 years ago
My gut instinct says you are overfeeding. I'd recommend backing down to 1/2 or 3/4 strength. That should help. As a general rule of thumb autos do not need as many nutrients as photoperiod plants. And nutrient companies recommend the maximum strength you should use (the faster you use up your supply the sooner you will buy more). Good luck! :+1:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 4 years ago
For me it looks like a sunburn(Lightburn)on the older leaves. It looks like as if you sprayed somethin onto them and the light burnt them. The upper leaves dont show that.. maybe they have been to near about 2 weeks ago=??The plant looks good and healthy to me.