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Removed started grow question 4 years ago
Hey everyone, I'm wondering if this cure-tent setup will work okay? I'm very close to harvest on my other diary and I need to get this figured out ASAP here is a diagram of my idea:
Week 8
Techniques. Defoliation
Stick answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi @GrowThings! In my opinion that would generate way too much air onto the buds, resulting in a fast drying process, ruining the final product. Put your buds into a drilled cardboard inside the grow tent, this should be enough to dry them properly and avoid any last minute disaster. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and happy growing :facepunch:
OutForReal answered grow question 4 years ago
Hello ! Well I would add a fan in the drying box to keep a direct airflow on the drying buds to avoid mold and buy a Y or T connection to be able to use the same fan/extractor for 2 box at the same time . Hope it will help you :grin::+1: