Would love it if you guys could take a look over m...

TheIceCreamParlourstarted grow question 6 years ago
Would love it if you guys could take a look over my photos/vids this week and give me advise on how long I have left and when ish to start flushing? Tomorrow is the start of their 6th week of flower. I'm not in any rush but really want to get it bang on and not flush too late.
Week 10
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OutForRealanswered grow question 6 years ago
Hello ! According to me the good answer is a mix between the 2 previous answers. One last feeding then flush like Athos told you ( based on the feeding chart ) and you should grab a magnifier to watch at the trichomes like Bulbi told you ( mine is x45 and I can perfectly see the trichomes without issue ) the good trichomes ratio for a mix effect is 100% cloudy (working with every hybrids , but need to be adjust for pure indica or sativa) but if you like to be a zombie in your sofa then go with 10/20% amber trichomes (hard stone for sur , with a narcotic effect ). So even if you wanna flush if your trichomes are all clear then you should wait . I hope it will help you 😛👍
Athosanswered grow question 6 years ago
This week should be the last you feed. Your plant is 3 weeks away from harvest, ergo 1 last feed, then give them water only until they are done.
CRiSPrGrowanswered grow question 6 years ago
Hey ICP, yeah man there's really no other way to know than to check the trykes with a 70x microscope. I got mine on Amazon for 1.79 ... you're looking to have them 100% milky for maximum potency so you'll want to time your two week flush accordingly. Thing is even you if you get really close or use something like a 30x magnifier you wont really be able to tell. you're the only one really who can say that 's the thing. You'll see the cloudy trykes getting ripe. for reference a tryke takes around 2 weeks to get cloudy. hopefully yours will get ripe soon ! hope this helps 🚀
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