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Growyourownathome started grow question 4 years ago
Hello im growing an automatic blackberry kush, its just after starting week 7 now and only after startin to fkower i topped and mainlined and done some defoliation,, my quation is if this strain should only take 10 wks but is flowering late coukd it go 12/13 wk? Thank you
Blackberry kush auto
7 weeks
Blackberry kush auto Growyourownathome
Auto Blackberry Kush
3 comments · 4 years ago
Week 4
Techniques. Defoliation
Drtomb answered grow question 4 years ago
The listed harvest date is more of a guideline. Every seed is on its own schedule. I have had regular seeds that I have complete control on flowering start time, and one pheno from the same lineage can be different by a week or two.

My suggestion, read the plant, watch for the white hairs to start to pull back into the bud and turn orange. Never handle a bud directly when examining it because these hairs and the bud itself is very delicate. Hairs will turn orange if they are handled by fingers.

Also try to find a 60x magnification jewelry loop or similar. Watch for the tricomes to turn from clear, to cloudy to amber. When you see 5-10% going amber start your 2 week flush of plain water... Or water with flushing agent if you prefer.