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biird started grow question 4 years ago
Is my plant stretched? Is it because I was away for two weeks and wasn't able to keep her in direct sunlight more? She was getting 5.5 hours direct sunlight for those two weeks but when I'm home I can get 9.5 hours direct sun.

Is there anything I can do? Are my nutrients right?
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South Africa Outdoor Autoflower Grow biird
White Widow XXL Auto
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Week 5
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CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
hey @Biird , you're right that less light might make the plant stretch, but it's also a question of light intensity so it's more of a problem for indoor grows. Overall what I can see is that your plant is actually very healthy and vigorous and you're basically average height wise for the strain - so dont worry , the stretch is going to start now hopefully it will double in size, the bigger the better right? more bud ! you're doing a good thing with the mollasses - carbs are great for this period of growth ! i wish i could give you pointers but you're 100 that's the truth. :rocket:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi, i see a very nice plant with the right size to her age. The stretch is normal ,( you need space between the nodes for the flowers:)I would give her one time more a combination of vegetation fertiliser and blooming fertiliser. And after that only blooming fertiliser and molasses >( like you already do)She will stretch more and buds will start to fatten up . Keep that track and you will have a very good harvest in around 6 weeks
HighTV answered grow question 4 years ago
@biird Only receiving 5.5 hours of direct sunlight will absolutely make a plant stretch during the vegetation stage. If this is a problem due to space restrictions there are many ways to remedy the issue like Low stress training, topping, and Supercropping.(I see you went and got greentape for the LST) If the plant in question is the Blue cheese bag seeds then Topping, LST, and Supercropping are still viable options because shes young. However if you are worried about the stretching on the white widow I wouldn't worry to much shes going into the flowering stage and stretching is normal and unavoidable in the first weeks of flower. To make the best out of this situation be sure to give her as much light as you can and be sure to keep up with your organic soil (mycorrhizae:heart_eyes:) so that the microbes properly adjust the PH. I think you will be perfectly fine after a proper LST. Happy growing Birrd hope I could help with your situation! :sunglasses:
OutForReal answered grow question 4 years ago
Hello! Yes with less light the plant try to reach the light source so the consequence is a stretch. But the light is not the only parameter : you are in 1st week of flowering so that mean your plant in in the "stretch" phase , in that phase she can take up to 2.5 her height before the stretch. If you can put her under 9.5h of light it will be way better but you can still achieve flowering under 5h but the yield will seriously be harmed. What you can do is to put her inside during the night under a cheap led panel or led stripes ( even led bulbs) to give her more energy because Autoflowering strains needs at least 18h of sun to be optimal ( but I grow under 12/12 with great results for a personal smoke ). Now your nuts are good for flowering but during the 2 first weeks of flowering you need to give them a bit of growth nutrient to help do the stretch, and later on flowering you can use a nutrient with an high PK amount like a PK 13-14 to help for the bud production . I hope it will help you :v::skin-tone-3::grin: