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3footgiraffe started grow question 5 years ago
Not a question about my diary however my friend keeps talking to me about American weed ! Gelato, runts, gushers!! :joy: please enlighten me on why this is or they perceive this to be superior to basically anything else!! ??? Thanks
C4 second grow
13 weeks
C4 second grow 3footgiraffe
C4 Auto
19 comments · 5 years ago
Week 9
Techniques. Defoliation
OutForReal answered grow question 5 years ago
Because they are fancy! If you had the same conversation 2 years ago your friend would tell you to grow Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4 ( US strain ) , it was also the same thing when Soma came from Dr US in Barcelona with the Amnesia haze ( the true one ) or when I don't remember who get to USA to get some skunk and northern light seeds and create the 1st seedbank named The seedbank then Sensi seed bank , the haze was also US weed. The same happens for the chemdawg , the sour diesel , the new York diesel , the chronic from LA. European and US strain is a long story bro
7th5ag3 answered grow question 5 years ago
On the ruderalis.
Removed answered grow question 5 years ago
With many states where weed is legal, the stuff you can buy (american weed) is of better quality than regular weed that comes from countries where it's illegal. Just like it happened in the time when alcohol was illegal, the stuff in the black market was awful. The quality is probably fairly consistent. There's probably quite a bit of marketing involved too.
HighTV answered grow question 5 years ago
As an American I can say the only good thing about America Weed is how fast we are breeding selective qualities such as terpenoids. In terms of relative THC strength and overall effects nothing changes across the pond however we do tend to selective breed visuals and smell over plant structure and stability. Overall its just to simply to say 'american weed', because most of it came from outside the USA and is being bred here. All wee is good weed if the grower is good. :sunglasses: