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JoeAnalysis started grow question 3 years ago
Some suggestions about training,

Is it ready for Topping and then LST ?

And if you have good photo examples

so I can understand it better.
Autoflowering LSD-25
6 weeks
Autoflowering LSD-25 JoeAnalysis
LSD-25 Auto
6 comments · 3 years ago
Week 4
Techniques. Defoliation
Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi @JoeAnalysis! Well, LST is - in my opinion - too often misinterpreted. With autoflowering strains, LST should be renamed ELST for "extremely low stress training". I see too many growers bending their stems the hardcore way, which is great for photosynthesis strains when you want to build a nice shape, but it should be prohibited with autos. Indeed, autos are very sensitive to everything, and even bending a stem horizontally (or in a violent angle) will stunt the plant and slow down the growth (which is the opposite of the initial goal). So if you want do some LST on your autos, do it very slightly, with the help of strings or gardening wire. Open up the plant gently, a little more everyday. This requires hours of work to refine the strings everyday, but if done properly it will increase light penetration and lead to a better yield. Regarding the TOPping surgery, I won't recommend this to new growers, and I rather like to FIM my autos but once again it's a risky method. I usually do it by the end of week ~3, with a sterilized scissor, I cut right above the 3rd node after the 4th or 5th node has developed. Waiting for the 4th/5th node before topping at 3rd node will speed up the recovery process and the development of the new nodes. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and happy growing! :facepunch:
balansa answered grow question 3 years ago
hey there i do not suggest to top any of autos because the autos do not have enough time for all that. in my opinion the best LST for autos is just banding them its very easy and practically it doesn't stress the plant at all . just take a look at my Diary i have just 1 :)) but luckily for you they are autos and i banded them so take a look. Happy grow Bro thumb up
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi Ask 3 Grower and you get 3 Answers. In my Experience( ive grown a lot of automatics last year) it depends on the Strain if you do training or not or only a little.Very vigotr growing strains like the " new american genetics" you most time can LST them very well, same to the topping, if your girl has 3-4 nodes in the 3rd week its a fast one and go on and do some training. ( i wont start before seeing the 4th node) In your Case i would rise the LIght the lil ones looking abit dwarfy. And wait for the 4 th( of 5 th ) node to start. If your girls grow vigor you can to them too. But its awlays your descision. Ive grown automatics i did nothing at all because they dont like it. But LST is most time very well responded. Look at my Diarys and feel free to ask. If its your first grow with automatics i just would recommned you some Light LST. Try to get used with your light, the watering, nutes etc........ its a lot you have to took for in a very short time, Happy growing
souljasam answered grow question 3 years ago
With autos, you generally don't want to top as it will lower your yield. I would just LST by bending the main stem over to let all the side growth become tops. All you have to do is use some soft wire ties or other plant ties to pull the main stem down so it is no longer the tallest stem. You may also have to support the main stem my using another plant tie to pull it in the opposite direction you are bending it so the plant doesn't topple over if the stem is weak. Heres a link to a basic guide: