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Sessman started grow question 3 years ago
The temperatures where I am living are increasing weekly and average around 35C currently. What steps can I take to preserve the terpenes of my harvest during drying? I will be using an air conditioner in my room to keep the temperatures around 20-23C, will this be enough?
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Dinafem White Widow XXL Auto Sessman
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DasBoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Great question, BHVK ! So basically to preserve terpenes it starts before the chop, as you know terps are sensitive to heat and light, so what you can do is what you're already doing which is to reduce the light cycle a maximum. second, a few days before the chop, in complete darkness for 24hrs minimum. When you chop, the cure starts immediately ! so thirdly, when you chop, chop in the darkness avoid all light and contact with light, also during the drying and the curing. Finally, my favorite trick that i use for the curing is to use miron glass jars - they preserve the trichomes much better than normal glass and it really helps overall how it cures and tastes at the end. Keep the temperatures low but also maintain a good degree of humidity so the drying process is slower : the slower the drying the better ! you're aiming for the ideal 2 weeks drying. I mention this because with the AC the air can get quite dry. maybe consider an "evaporation cooler" instead of an AC to control temperature and humidity better. So there you go : all my secrets ! I hope this helps ! :rocket: