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Thaithan started grow question 3 years ago
Hi there! I think i've overwatered my Desfran,noob mistake.. I watered every plant with an auto watering system, and didnt realize she wasnt as dry as the other girls. She is definitely not underwatered. How can i save her?Should i foliar spray her?Would Root juice help later on?
Week 5
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DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi there Thaithan, I dont really know why you think she needs saving, it's really not that bad. However you've been over feeding her so this has caused a nutrient lock out for nitrogen, that's why you're seeing N deficiency and yellowing leaves. It's not a big problem if you fix it by reducing the amount of N you give her, keep a strict wet/dry cycle and wait a week or 10 days until the plant recovers. As you know your temperatures are too high, but you can avoid issues with temperatures if the solution you're feeding the plant is between 19-21°C max, this should help the plant recover aswell. Finally I dont know if you're feeding everytime you water, but you shouldnt be : feed, plain water, plain water, feed, plain water, plain water, feed - this schedule will prevent any further problems from coming back. Hope this helps ! :rocket: