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buddha61 started grow question 3 years ago
If anyone actually looks at the temp/humidity monitor in my photos, you will see it goes from 40%s during lights on, to mid 50%s during lights off. Do I need to invest in a dehumidifier sooner rather than later, or will mid 50s during lights off not pose huge mold risks in flower
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First Indoor Grow - QBs - GSC by GYO buddha61
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Thee_HoffGuyy answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey Buddha61! Looking great:+1: The humidity is not to bad at all. As long as you dont get above 55% you should be fine you have a nice trained plant so as long as it is getting enough airflow you should be fine. Airflow is important because you can get "spots" that are more humid than others if it's lets say an area of the ten the fan does not get to or something blocks the wind from the fan. and it also helps if there is any spores trying to land on the plants if will blow them away! haha But as long as it stays below 55%RH you should be fine now if you do notice it creeping up higher than that then i would definitely look into a dehumidifier. Plus there are some other benefits of a dehumidifier. You are able to mimic the natural environment outside and lower the RH as flower starts. and it helps bring out more flavor trichome/resin production with the more "dry" conditions later in flower:ok_hand:. If you do invest in one what i do is start at 50-55%RH for the first 2 weeks of flower then drop it to 40-45% for the 3rd an 4th week. and after the 4th Drop it to 30-35% and have been getting fantastic results since starting to do it Hope this helps! Happy Growing:sunglasses:
TheBudWhisperer answered grow question 3 years ago
IMO and as someone who constantly battles with extremely low RH I would say that you have nothing at all to worry about in this range. Personally, I’d be more concerned with your temps going north of 30 rather than RH at any reading. Humidity is concerning for Mold yes, but that only works in conjunction with those hot, sticky temps. Given my growing environment, I can reliably say that you’d be surprised just how wide the tolerable ranges for cannabis are. You’re hovering around the wheelhouse homie:+1:. I bet you could swing your RH lower by just draining your runoff and letting er dry out a little longer (if you were really concerned about it). Keep up the good work and will def. be reading up on this one. She’s a freakn beaut:sunglasses:!
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
hi, Try to go with more airflow, to lower the Humidity, can you open your growspace=? to get more flow/ less humidity? and as long its not much more than 50 its ok. You have a nice filled scrog and the plant has no Humidity buildup, know what i mean =? your plant can transpirate nicely that way. i would try to put another fan under the scrog to have more airflow to get it more dry
JBOrganix answered grow question 3 years ago
Typically mold spores will multiply in humidity of 60% RH or greater. Of course, mold is relative to the moisture content in the atmosphere so it's ideal to be in the areas you are actually in. As for the issues of it being higher at night; you're safe. Mold requires oxygen to continuously multiply, not light
MaryJaneUSA answered grow question 3 years ago
your relative humidity concentration changes depending on your temperature. as long as your plants do okay, i wouldn't worry too much at 40% @ 81F