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HaaaiSkaaai started grow question 4 years ago
Do anyone know what might this be? I will add pictures for the leaves in the Haze XXL!
at the beginning it seemed overwatering,but now am not sure wt is it! as the leaves are curled upward, one of the leaves tip is dead and the ones curled upward the tip is dry with light brown
ByeBye Grow
2 weeks
ByeBye Grow HaaaiSkaaai
10 comments · 4 years ago
Week 3
Leaves. Too many
Lou_Grows answered grow question 4 years ago
Hello brother! Over watering can look like many different issues and deficiencies, it can get confusing because it will curl the leaves. Make brown spots on the leaves that can look like iron deficiency or ph fluctuations... make sure your are only giving water to your plant when she absolutely need it.. some strains are more sensitive to over water than others. I hope this is helpful. Greetings
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
Actually what you are seeing is quite common: it's nute burn. You mention you are using fertilized quality soil, that means that the soil already has a lot of nutrients in it and on top of that you added more nutes. Alg-a-mic won't burn the plants since it barely rises the EC/PPM of any solution, but Biogrow can be quite strong n young plants.
I use Biobizz too so I know quite well the concentration of the product you are using. 2 ml/lt of Biogrow has a concentration of 0.6EC (300 PPM) and assuming you are using regular tap water, that usually has a salt concentration of 0.4EC (200 PPM), that means that you are most probably feeding at a strength of 1 EC (500 PPM). I've had young plants burn at less than half that strength when they are in pre fertilized soil.
11 liter of fertilized soil, lasts me 8 weeks without needing nutes, and you are using a 20 liter pot, you should not need any nutes for the whole grow, or maybe a tiny wee bit at the peak of flower, but not at this stage.
Do a flush and stop any feeding. Also sometimes too high pH of water can lead to weird leaves symptoms like them curling upwards like a taco, it has happened to me too; there could be some of that too.
Experimentgreen answered grow question 4 years ago
Gotta love those taco leaves...usually either extreme high(or low humidity), heat stress from high heat( I see your day and night temps are very close, there's usually a 5-10 degree change cooler at night, also over watering can cause this too. I see you've got the 300 HID which I think can generate a good amount of heat?
I'm sorry for your loss...I love the thought of a wild woods guerilla grow though. Ha imagine the plants just popping up in the wild like that!
FlavoursUk answered grow question 4 years ago

This looks like the result of excessive heat, root problems (possibly from overwatering) and/or suffering from extreme humidity levels (such as very high or low humidity).