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NIagaraFalls420 started grow question 3 years ago
Any tips to improve the quality of my bud and overall plant? For both indoor and outdoors would be appreciated but outdoor tips are a necessity, thanks! Also, a few of the plants entire head and leafs are sloping to the side, any ways I can fix this problem so early on?
Week 1
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DILLIGAF answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi there mate first tip I can offer is Don't attempt to feed them yet wait another week and they will appreciate the food and grow accordingly.
2nd Tip try to keep the soil and nutrient feeds in a PH range of 6.2 - 7 this will allow your plant to optimise nutrient uptake.
3rd Tip is for outdoors , Prepare your growing area now and consider some sort of protection for your seedlings to
combat animal/pest attack. Try to keep the plants in full sun but away from very windy areas.
4th tip is if going indoors be very careful taking outside soil indoors as you might inadvertantly bring umwanted
creatures in as well. (bugs , diseases )

%th tip is for your last question .. It wont hurt the plant if you add a little more soil to those cups which will also help support the plant, just dont cover the leaves with dirt. Hope Ive helped :smiley: