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TheHighentist started grow question 1 week ago
My plants are beginning to look bushy again, with excess leaves and branches with tops thats probably never gonna reach light(or half the height of the plants)

I am in the start of 2nd week of flower, is it too early to Prune or defoliate again? and for the last time.

Thank you
Techniques. Defoliation
Coopmc answered grow question 5 days ago
If your just taking a leaf hear and there as it blocks light or gets Disease you can do that all through flower removing entire r brach sections leaf stem and bud won’t hurt anything either
crimsonecho answered grow question 1 week ago
youre at a perfect time to lollipop and defoliate. buds hasnt even started forming yet.

you see the main colas, you can pretty much leave them alone and as for the side shoots you strip every node growing from those except the tops. thats how you can get solid nugs off the whole plant rather than fluff. stripping the nodes which doesnt get enough light will redirect the energy to the upper nodes which will produce larger nugs in the end.

and every leaf you take now will return in a week so there is not much you can do to hurt this plant including schwazzing. i’m not advocating for schwazzing tho, just saying.
GrowingGrannie answered grow question 1 week ago
You'll find some folks who will tell you defoliation is a NEVER event... I'm not one of them. If you have issues with light penetration and/or air flow, then defoliate! I've defoliated all the way to about 2 weeks before harvest on my Tangerine Dream because it was just a bloody jungle... You want to do it thoughtfully and a little bit at a time so you don't stress the plant - and the plant will tell you fairly quickly if you've stressed it or it's tolerating what you do... my plants just didn't give two hoots in hell how many leaves I removed or how often... still in all, I'm very careful with others because each plant is different.

Good luck!
gottagrowsometime answered grow question 1 week ago
It's not recommended but if you get it in now before leaving it any longer you'll be fine.

Just be mindful with what you are taking.

Thin out the top, as the goal is light pen, you don't wanna be removing any growth thats on the lower sites or not covering bud sites as they are a source of energy for the middle and lower parts of your canopy.

So, only if you have to. Go round the top and a bud site will have 2-3 fan leafs with a mix of sugar leafs. You don't wanna remove all them keep at least 1/2 of them and work you way down the node and open it up and as you get lower just leave it be.

Feel free to DM me if you need me details.

Good luck.