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Chillpill123 started grow question 3 months ago
At the start of week 3 of flower. Mainline lst to 4 cola but I have a bunch of shoot offs thru out plant. Should I get rid of these to put focus on 4 colas or let em grow. ? I'm getting great light thruout plant and the 4 colas ar a bot taller and stronger than the small shoots
Dosido #22
10 weeks
Dosido #22 Chillpill123
Bag seed
2 months ago
Week 9
Techniques. Main-lining
Athos answered grow question 3 months ago
It comes down to personal prefference and what you want to get. You can do either.
GreenMachine answered grow question 3 months ago
If it is fighting hard and it looks like it is going to make it to the too or close to the too then leave it. If it just seems to be hanging out not growing up very much then cut it off. That is how I approach this situation. Good luck!
GrowAseed answered grow question 3 months ago
Hi buddy, my humble advice for you would be to bend the main colas to a 90 degree angle and support it if needed. Cutting down the small shoots you're going to waste all the space in-between the main colas. Plus those smaller buds have often a better taste :) good luck!