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GrowCaps dissolve in phases, releasing differing nutrients at the right time throughout your plantsโ€™ lifecycle.


  • Retains water, saving more than 30% water.
  • Creates a strong and healthy taproot.
  • Stimulates vigorous growth in vegetation.
  • Increase the yield



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drkushlife Apprentice
Biobizz was great as usual but when I transplanted into grow caps it was magic
11 hours ago
Black_Magic Apprentice
Awesome stuff Much much less work to do if you do it Wright way Got problems in flowering have to do with ph Will defenetly try it out again with regular seeds
6 days ago
Bulbi Master
Some people had trouble with these, but i had a fantastic time. followed the instructions but was missing a bit of earth the night i translanted, the plant took to the nutes well, recovered from the brink of death and became healthy again, it's stems were all purple but after the transplant and stretch the growcaps stems were clearly very healthy bright green. a tiny bit of nute burn, like the right amount of nute burn happened after it rained a few days and i forgot them outside, . Still, these were overall the lowest maintenance and healthiest plants in my tent, where i was using the liquid ferts. And it's so so easy ! I chopped without a flush after 4 months of grow caps basically and it was smooth and totally fine more or less, next time i'll do a flush maybe, i have a few more of these, and will be using them for sure.
6 days ago
Dunk_Junk Apprentice
Grow Caps worked very well at the start. But they didn't last long enough really. Maybe it's because airpots dry out faster = more water, maybe the dose was not enough, I'm not sure but they need to last at least 4 weeks longer in my opinion. If they can crack that, they've got an easy, no fuss product that will work well.
1 week ago
Jimbo42090 Newbie
I love this product! It's really easy to use and it does what it says on the package! This was the first time I have used it and a was really surprised how well the plant reacted to it! She grew very fast and the buds look very nice and feel quite dense! I would use this product again for sure! I do have to say that this product is best used during an Indoor grow.. I have read that some people have had some troubles during their outside grow.. Rain will flush the caps away and you'll be left without nutrients.. If you want to use it outside its best to cover your pot with cling film to make sure it doesn't get to wet
4 weeks ago

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