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GrowCaps dissolve in phases, releasing differing nutrients at the right time throughout your plants’ lifecycle.


  • Retains water, saving more than 30% water.
  • Creates a strong and healthy taproot.
  • Stimulates vigorous growth in vegetation.
  • Increase the yield




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MarcXL Apprentice
This grow I expected a little bit more growth but overall performance was good, no malnutrition.
3 weeks ago
Ganjagrandaddy Apprentice
brilliany concept and did a great job until i went way over their time for feeding. i had this girl in veg for nearly 3 months and exhausted all of the grow caps nutes i understandably. Would def use them again for their proper time and did find it used a hell of a lot less water. win-win. great product , great strain
2 months ago
Mrs_Larimar GrandMaster
1. Plant (YIN )I harvested was in "regular" prefertilised Soil and I used Nutrients .//130 g trimmed wet weigh 2nd YANG). too// 64 g trimmed wet weigh 3rd ETERNITY) was in my own Soil with GrowCaps,// 96 g trimmed wet weigh ,,, she was Harvested Today after 10 weeks and 3 Days after Sprouting. GrowCaps worked wonderful from Beginning to the End. Ive written a little Conclusion in every Week. She started one Week later than her Sisters. But from Week 3 she was Closeup with them. Rootnutrients worked wonderful. In the Vegetation stage I could not see any Defiency. In the Late Flowering Stage i would normally have given her a Blooming Booster. Instead she got Molasses . If i would measure it in the outcome of the Three Plants . I will say that she had enough Nutrients For the Whole Cycle. The other Plants got the Complete Feeding Shedule and LIlly is On Place 2 in the Outcome. Maybe there would be more but i had to take her out of the Growbox. Iam very Satisfied. It was very relaxed , Just to trust GrowCaps GrowCaps got 4 of 5 because in the End she would have needed more boost. And my outdoor PLant gettin to wet from rain, missed some nitrogen in the Beginning. but altogether a very nice and stable Base for Grows
2 months ago
Stick Master
Fantastic experience with GrowCaps, the ease of use beats every fertilizer I've tried. I did encounter a slight deficiency during the late flowering stage, but this is probably due to too much runoff, my guess is that nutrients were flushed out of the medium a little bit too early. Despite this anecdotic issue, the product did a great job.
3 months ago
Smokwiri Apprentice
Superb, wonderfull nutrient... but, the yield is just a bit lower than normal, i will definetely try again because i never had such full taste from this stran as with grow caps
4 months ago

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