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Heavy 16 was founded by Bryce Patterson in California, USA. He had the goal to create a modern nutrients that based on the proven science materials and facts in the growing field.

The company produces the nutrients for every grower who desire the best results. The grower can be sure in using Heavy 16 high quality hand-made nutrients.

The basis of the Heavy 16 philosophy is:

  • The highest class of components in the world
  • The complex chemistry for easy  use: more science, fewer bottles

Heavy 16 provides the results and comfort  that you want from your feeding schedule, regardless of the feeding size or experience level of grower. The products are simple and potent. They consist of the necessary macro and micro elements that plants require to produce the greatest yields of unexcelled quality.



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Jack_Greenstalk Apprentice
love the whole line, i combo with actively airated compost teas twice a week
7 months ago
Jack_Greenstalk Apprentice
all pros, no cons really, if you run the full line it has everything your plants want and need. The foliar was my favorite of all the products but its not shown since i didnt include in the feed. only calculated the feed that went to roots thru the grow, foliar is a great cal mag addition and stress combatant for if it gets too hot, the girls dont even bat an eye! amazing nutrient line up across board! follow feed schedule on their website not the bottles and you are golden! 2 week flush with finish, some of the smoothest smoken bud ive ever had and it hasnt even cured yet! this nutrient line is super clean and effective!! stinky, tastey, smooth smoke, non harsh, potent meds!
11 months ago
Hotel Newbie
One of the most consistent and beneficial nutrient lines I have ever buds taste delicious and I know they are free of toxic garbage!
2 years ago
Love using Heavy 16 nutrients real easy to use. Feed chart is straight forward and the plants seemed to love it.
2 years ago
Bud A
Bud B
Veg A: No need to ph never goes over 375ppm Bud B: Simple as A B = :heart: Prime: Use with mycofusion biojolt every three weeks also after flush in addition to normal feed schedule Fire: :fire::fire::fire::fire::ok_hand::skin-tone-3: Roots: Essential asf especially with autoflowers during first 4 weeks and into transition. Foliar: Use as often as you can afford. This stuff is truly liquid gold. I add in cocowet as well. Finish: Often misunderstood but totally worth it. IMO just chelates all day every day.
2 years ago

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