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Just as the growth in a garden begins with a small seed, our love for the soil began at an early age. The garden in front of the house was full of plants and we were curious to find out what was going to come out of the soil. The children rolled up our sleeves several times and helped our parents with the gardening. Working with soil and plants has fascinated us completely. And even more we loved the feeling when you open the door to your home, go to the garden, pick your fruit and bite into it. A taste that has no comparison … Our interest in research encouraged us … we wanted even better produce, greater growth and plant resistance. We started testing which products would be the friendliest, so that the plants would thrive perfectly, be resistant to pests, and we would be satisfied with a larger produce. You know, there’s nothing more beautiful than a view of a fertile garden. After a few years, we did it! We made 100% natural, organic fertilisers and additives from the best organic ingredients. This is how we grew healthy plants in a natural way.We have long been aware that our body will be most grateful if we offer it quality food. When we remember how much we enjoyed gardening in our childhood, we still strive to make gardening a pleasure for you, not just a job. That is why we have created products that are effective and easy to use, because we want everyone to experience the joy of growing their own food. The Organics Nutrients team: Aleš, who likes to develop new products, Bojan, who likes gardening and growing plants, Tomi, who likes contact with clients and working in a team. Our mission is to transfer our love and enthusiasm for plants, care for the environment and health to you and thus contribute to a better planet together.
Organics NutrientsOrganics NutrientsOrganics NutrientsOrganics NutrientsOrganics NutrientsOrganics NutrientsOrganics Nutrients
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Top Products, very easy to handle. Absolute recommendation for rookies who want to grow biological.
6 months ago
Top notch products, easy to use an very effective.
7 months ago
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