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Liberty Haze


The G13 and  the fast flowering strain Chem Dawg 91 are the parents of Liberty Haze. It consists of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica and demonstrates characteristics of the both. 

The plant has a quick flowering of 8-9 weeks. The height reaches to 110 m, the dense calyxes and the long cola develop well both indoors and outdoors. The plant has high trichomes production with amazing purple colours. The yields reach 600 gr/m². 

The long-lasting effect brings euphoria and cerebral high. The refreshing  taste has hints of lime. 

1 oz
Harvest Weight
Gender Feminised
Genes 60% Sativa/ 40% Indica
Genetics G13 x Chem Dawg 91
Harvest 650gr/m2
Flowering 8-9 weeks
THC very high
Tastes & Effects
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Dry eyes
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Dry mouth
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Ric Flair '93 Liberty Haze Space Ghost
Jordan Page-A Liberty Haze Kaboom
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Latest Reviews
JackSpliff Newbie
Liberty Haze
Growing it
Liberty Haze is a marvellous strain to grow. Beautiful colours will appear during flowering stage, going from all rasta colours to dark purple leaves. 4 out of 4 seeds germinated within 4 days.
She doesn't need to much nutrions during growing as well in flowering stage. EC-levels never got higher than 1,5. I've used fertilized soil, so if you're a coco or soilless grower you might want to think twice before taking over these EC-levels. :wink:
There were no problems with mold or diseases. Just some leaf problems after repotting them, but that was my mistake. I repotted them a bit too soon and they suffered from root damage. But they recovered perfectly within a week.
They're also easy to scrOG and do not stretch to much in the first weeks 2-3 weeks of flowering.
The dominant smell during harvest was fresh lime. The smoke is soft in the throat.
The taste is a bit sweet, lime/lemon with woody undertones & the effects are at first more high in the head and then fades into a relax state of body & mind that lasts pretty long.
2 weeks ago
firestarter Newbie
Liberty Haze
Growing it
Chopped everything down. Really happy with the harvest. Had a minor panic over the drying/curing process. Initially thinking I left them drying too long and dropped rH past that 55% floor-- but a week in jar and they're springing back to life (less grassy/hay smell and more like the amazing bud I was sniffing while it was growing.) Been holding off on sampling until they're really ready. Will have to add in those sections later.

Began the trimming process by separating the cola tops from the fluffier, pale under developed buds. Really affected two of the LH more than any other plant. So the tray photos/final weight for those two definitely smaller than the rest of the run.

Liberty Haze Dried Weight (3 plants of 6): 78.6g

Weighed after drying for a week.

Definitely have a lot to improve on next time, but man I'm hooked. Lessons learned:

1.) Top earlier-- don't be afraid to go at them early on.
2.) Smaller containers and smaller plants. I got greedy and ambitious for my space with the 3gal pots, and led to some headache and a too-dense canopy.

2.) Related: veg less-- flip those lights as soon as the plants are about a foot high.

3.) Dial in the nutrients-- in my case, don't mix nutrients formulated for hydro with soil and expect there not to be a little burn. (Nutes were free though, so price was certainly right.)
4.) Flower time estimates are just that-- estimates.
5.) Harvesting is a time commitment! Set aside the weekend.
6.) Dry slower, longer. Trim less wet, to prolong the process.
7.) Breathe! It's all good, and there's always next time.
11 months ago
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