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BC Bud Depot #98


BC Bud Depot is from Canada. It is one of the biggest company in the online cannabis industry. The BC Bud Depot produces the world's finest marijuana seeds with fast and discreet worldwide delivery at reasonable prices. 

They breed their own strains and has in fact produced some of the excellent cannabis seed genetics that became popular with both beginners and experts growers. 

Aside from their own pot seeds, they also carry strains from select breeders such as TH Seeds, Soma Seeds, DNA Genetics, and Delta 9 Labs among others. BC Bud 

BC Bud Depot carries feminized and regular cannabis seeds, and feminized and regular landrace pot seeds.

It has world awards for The Purps and Sweet God, for The Black, for The Purps and BC Mango, and for The Purps, God Bud and Texada Timewarp.