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Floral, peppermint aroma remiscent of Black Hasj. Fantastic fruity (grapes) and minty taste. Great medicinal strain for numerous ailments. Longlasting, uplifting high. Potential THC level high. We got this yummieblue clone (bearing California Sour x OG Kush genes) from California, given to us by a medical marijuana dispensary. We found that the taste and smell of this clone was amazing. However, bud structure was quite fluffy. So we then used our trusted Afghan (Afghan Kush, one of the ancestors of the OG Kush) to try and create a hybrid with tighter, bigger buds. Yet preserving that unique smell and taste. Dedicated breeding and several generations later to stabilize the strain we achieved an amazing hybrid. We then proceeded to make a selection. As a father we decided to use an amazing pretty blue with light purple hues colored pheno. That also had that gorgeous smell and taste. The mother was a big budding lady covered in resin. The result is an incredible Sativa/Indica hybrid called the Blue Medi Kush. She is a sativa/indica hybrid in every sense of the word. Structure, length and flowering time definitely show her Indica genes. Taste and high, however, are that of a classic Sativa. She is a ferociously fastflowering strain that will finish flowering in about 7 to 8 weeks. Height will be limited to around 0.40-0.70cm. She can develop, 1 out of 4 phenos, beautiful blue/purple hues in the latter stages of flowering. In the beginning of flowering she will at first look skinny, but she will beef up within two weeks to develop tight, bulging buds. She has a reasonable to good yield and is an absolute treat to smoke. She is a really great medicinal strain to combat depression, tackle stress and as an anti-anxiety medicine. She also proves helpful as an appetite-stimulant. The smell is floral, pepperminty smell reminiscent of ‘ black hash’. The palate is delicious; a gorgeous fruity taste with hints of grapes (aged wine) and a minty aftertaste. The high is longlasting, uplifting and euphoric. Ideal for daytime medication. Medicinal value: anxiety, stress, general pain, depression and appetite stimulant.




Gender Feminised
Genes 60% Indica/40% Sativa
Genetics California Sour X OG Kush X Afghan Kush
Harvest 350-450 gr/m2
Flowering 7 - 8 weeks
THC high


CBD Medi Kush Blue Medi Kush Amnesiac Afghanistan Indica
Moon Walker Kush Skywalker OG Blue Medi Kush
Cancer Killer OG "Cancers Nightmare WhiteNightmare Star Killer Blue Medi Kush Blond Skywalker"
Medi Blue-n-Blond Blue Medi Kush Blond Skywalker
Medi Strawberry OG Strawberry OG Blue Medi Kush Blond Skywalker

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