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CommanderCannabis started grow question 5 years ago
I have been flowering for three weeks and small buds are forming. Can I defoliate a certain percentage of small leaves now or is it to late to worry about it? There are also very small amount of white powder on leaves.
Week 9
Techniques. Defoliation
Experimentgreen answered grow question 5 years ago
Its not too late at all to defoliate. Some people will defoliate before the 12/12 flip to open up budsites and create less shaded spots, and then do an additional defoliation after the flip. If you chose to defoliate it probably will still help the budsites since youre only 3 weeks into flower, but it'll also help bring your humidity down...less canopy..less moisture being generated by the foliage. If you take a small % first 10-15% you can always take away more, so id start small..evaluate the difference then clip more if you feel needed.
Happy Flowering and love the grow box :v:
Stick answered grow question 5 years ago
Hi @CommanderCannabis! If you're talking about the sugar leaves onto/close to bud-sites, I won't touch them until harvest, you may harm the buds and they're useful to the photosynthesis process. If you're talking about the old fan leaves on the main stem, then go ahead, especially if these are creating shades on lower bud-sites or if you think the airflow inside the plant is not sufficient. In order not to shock the plant, do it slightly, and only remove 3~4 leaves at a time, then see how it goes after a day or two. Now about your powdery mildew issue, it's too late to spray anything, but you can treat with the organic product of your choice (milk, neem oil, garlic, vinegar) using a sponge, apply delicately on the leaves and make sure you don't touch the bud-sites with the sponge. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and happy growing :facepunch:
OutForReal answered grow question 5 years ago
Hello ! After 3 weeks I would not defoliate anymore as the plant will not make new leaves and could be stressed by the process , however if some leaves ar blocking light to some bud sites you can remove them or try to knit them together. If you have a powder on your leaves it can be a sign of powdery mildew and you can fix that with bordeaux mixtures (many reciepes available on google) but as I can also see a kind of white powder on your "dark plastic" (at the base of your plants) I bet it is something falling of the roof or anywhere else. I hope it will help you :grin::+1: