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UkraineGrow started grow question 4 years ago
I Seedlings planted on October 4.
My seedlings stretch out under my LEDI think the 18/6 light schedule is to blame, it stretched out at night.
What level of CO2 to keep in my case?
Is ventilation required in my case?
How best to apply fertilizer series GHE at your discretion? How to alternate it with water?
What temperature should be kept if air ppm is 1500, and does fertilizer feed increase?
Waiting for a response from the seed manufacturer FastBuds, or any other growers with experience in working with co2 feed without ventilation.
 Growing in Uk
10 weeks
Growing in Uk UkraineGrow
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Week 1
Plant. Spaces between nodes
Doktorholland answered grow question 3 years ago
18/6 the best i prefer normal led not purple light try mars hydro ghe the bes just put like they write on back sticker temp u neeed 23-26 and humidity 40-60%
HighTV answered grow question 4 years ago
Hey there @ukraineGrow C02 is fantastic for gardens without the ventilation! You are able to maintain a higher PPM without as much cost. The drawback of course is having no ventilation to help with the regulation of the humidity and temperatures. However according to your diary the temperatures are at 82F which is actually perfectly fine with added C02 due to the increased ability for the leafs stomata to exchange gases with the air. Its recommended to keep the C02 PPM between 1200 and 2000 and NEVER over 3000 as it can become bad for humans and lethal around 5k. Also the GH series is best given at 1/4 of advertised strength depending on strain. Happy growing my friend :sunglasses:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 4 years ago
So many questions, and to me one answer... look for a good growing book ( there are plenty) or a nice helping site in the internet. onl about using co2 you can write for minutes... Happy growing and you got an PM
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
nice garden my friend :ok_hand: use I dont see the CO2 system you're using but if you want to use CO2, i had good results with TNB. for that size i guess you will need maybe 8-12 bottles and refills for each bottle every week. That's expenssive i guess, but it's a good CO2 system anyway... the CO2 is especially important from the very beggining of the grow until end of early flowering... so maybe it's not an investment you want to make right now, they are looking good my friend good luck harvesting ! :rocket:
Wy_growz answered grow question 4 years ago
In my part of the world at this time we sayin morning :wave::skin-tone-5:

I’ve used Co2 before it’s best to have fresh air coming into your grow room, have the Co2 coming out and hitting the fresh air so it can dispel around the grow room quicker and more efficiently also when using Co2, you can take the temperature up to 33’c although I suggest not going above 29’c,

Because your using autos they grow more during the dark period increase the light hours to 20/4 and reduce to 18/6 late flower to stop the stretch :v::skin-tone-5:
The_Projexx answered grow question 4 years ago
Hey man , sometimes plants stretch due to genetics dont matter how much light you have when you first start its recommended to use no more then 300w when your first starting out so that you can keep you're light closer to your plant preventing any unwanted stretching(19 inches being the optimal height and closer if you can do so without risking burning your plant) . But what I can see right now in your diary stats is that your humidity is way way way to high you wanna lower that man your late in flower now and i would hate to see all you're hard work go to waste because of mould or bud rot .The ideal humidity ranges for when your late in flower are 45% and lower , the lower you can get your RH the better you will run lest risk of getting mould and bud rot and your plant will produce more resins ! I hope this information helps you in your quest to the finish line ! -Happy Growing