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Mrs_Larimar started grow question 3 years ago
Who has experience with The Spinpro-Trimmer=? or the "Trimbag". I cant believe that they are trimming so proper. How do you trim=? Iam thinking about buying some "Help" is it worth=? or stay with scissor
Week 4
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OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello Mrs ! I would go with the Spinpro ( I like the name ) rather than the trimbag. The Spinpro can be used right after harvest with fresh bud but you will have to cut the bud out of the stem before spinning them so I bet it's better to have a net to dry the buds , on the other hand the Trimmbag is a dry trimmer so you will wait for your buds to get dry before using it and the little buds will not be well trimmed with it ( I try and little buds are not trimmed or finish with the leaves trimm). So it depend on how you dry your plants , Their is no real price difference betwen the 2 products but the trimmbag is just a bag with a hard net inside so Spinpro worth the price more than Trimmbag does. :grin::raised_hands:
Drtomb answered grow question 3 years ago
I own the SpinPro and it does do an excellent job of mass clean up, especially with small leafy buds. Make sure you spread out the buds and only load it half full or less, otherwise they tend to cram up on the spin. Use nice slow turns , as the blade spins multiple times around for every spin. Quick spinning will only result in lose of frost. However i have stopped using it for my trimming purposes. Ever since i started to remove lower sucker branches (not fan leaves) i started growing bigger top buds. This means that the trimming has gone down by half the time and i also have nicer looking hand trimmed buds. I use my clippings for other products like hash and oils, but generally if i can help it i like to keep the tricomes where they belong, on the buds.