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Natasha started grow question 4 years ago
Question for outdoor growers: How do you maintain stealth and discretion while growing outdoors?
Blue Dream Auto outdoor grow
2 weeks
Blue Dream Auto outdoor grow Natasha
Blue Dream
4 comments · 4 years ago
Week 1
Techniques. Defoliation
L3pr3ch4un answered grow question 4 years ago
1.-Genetics: Choose a short height strain and not stinky one, preferably Indicas (Like a NL, and not a pungent Cheese) -
2.- Top, train and bend the plants until 2 weeks before flower -
3.- You can use militar camouflage nets -
4.- Put other plants around -
That worked for me :)
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
build a green house or roof over it , that always works
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 4 years ago
As i grow in My Garden, the Garden is Visitorfree. No one knows no one sees and no one tells something. Its hard sometimes because you are so proud of your Garden and the Girls but there iam strict. NO Visitors- No sightseeing. That is around 80 percent of my Safety. Then i have alwys plants around that covery my weed. / Bambus/ Or big trees or any Bushes. So you dont see anything from outside. And around Harvest time my Dogs are in the Garden. ( we have had " Visitors" in the past that stole weed/dmaging the Plants. But step one and to is the best. So showing/no telling/ and not to see. And yes like Athos said using Automatics help very much
The_Projexx answered grow question 4 years ago
Well it all depends how you wanna do it , Were I'am from people just go in the bush find a nice place that is untravelled and secluded and lay out there plants there marking it off so they remember were they gotta go . If your doing it in your yard you may wanna consider researching the strains fist some strains get really really big and some don't . You can also choose to grow auto flower's if you'd like they don't grow as tall , they flower really really fast and there's a lot of kick ass variety's to choose from . If your choosing to grow in your back yard , I would put various other plants around them as well so that it helps blend them in encase anyone does ever get a look . The smell shouldn't be too bad provided you aren't growing like 10 plants . If your doing a larger operation I would suggest you find yourself a nice spot in the bush that you can remember how to get to as well as ensure that people are likely not going to go there . I hope this information helps you better determine how to be more stealthy and discreet about your grow's as well as choosing the proper grow space (backyard/bush) for your needs . -Happy Growing!
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
Stay away from photoperiods, autos are best for discretion. Keep the height in check so nosy neighbours can't see it. Put some other plants near it, hopefully some fragant plant that can help you dissimulate the smell once they flower. Good luck.