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Grass_slinger started grow question 3 years ago
Right guys , just about to start my next batch of girls an I’m really wanting to do some elevated co2 growing, cannabis plants can take up to 5x more co2 than what’s in our atmosphere, wanna know if anyone has an experience with the (EXHALE) co2 grow bags , thanks in advance
FIRST grow in my new environment
17 weeks
FIRST grow in my new environment Grass_slinger
Peyote Cookies
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Week 13
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Wy_growz answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi :wave::skin-tone-5:

I used Co2 a few years ago when I did a 2.4x2.4x2 tent, 2x Co2 bags, 4x600w lights, aeroponics, 50ltr 8x cheese.
My experience using it is you dont necessarily need high temperatures with it (I never go above 29’c personally but with Co2 you can go upto 33’c but I wouldn’t advise it unless adequate air flow to reduce when needed) I just had one in the centre of the grow room and one either next to your circulating fan so it blows around the room and/or infront of the in-line fan to blast co2 around the room,

Hope this helps :v::skin-tone-5: Good luck :seedling::sweat_drops::deciduous_tree:
mad_scientist answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello @Grass_slinger ! I don't want to disappoint you but co2 bags will never make any significant difference at co2 ppm levels especially if you are exhausting the room and its not sealed. In general you must have in mind that when you raise the co2 ppm you also have to raise the ppfd of the grow room. For example at 1200-1500 ppm of c02 you need around 1000-1300 μmol/m2/s. For most of the HPS lamps that's about 800 w/m2. Also above 450-500 ppm of co2 during night can become toxic. Usually at large operations they bump up the co2 only at third week of flowering until the end of the sixth week. Happy growing ! :facepunch:
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
What I do is have the grow box inside my room, so to take advantage of the high CO2 level present in a bedroom during the night, while having the 12 hours of light during flower happen at night time. You have to be sure that the light at canopy level is above 85.000 Lux so the plant can use the high CO2 levels, else you will just waste money.