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Pixsna started grow question 3 years ago
hello! my plants are in flowering day 37 and i noticed that the leaves are starting to get yellow (picture n flo12). do i need to get worried? is it to early? i know that the leaves get more and more yellow when the finish is coming - arround week 7-8. but mine are in week 5-6.
Week 12
Techniques. Defoliation
HighTV answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there @pixsna! You are experiencing interveinal chlorosis. There are two types of nutrients in a plant Mobile and immobile ones! Mobile ones are able to be moved around the plant and applied where needed while immobile nutrients cant be moved. The plant stores its nutrients in its leaves and when it lacks a certain mobile nutrient (like nitrogen) in the new growth it pulls that nutrient from the most effective area (most likely old growth). If the nutrient that is deficient is an "immobile" one it cant move the nutrient to the new growth so a deficiency will show itself directly where the problem is at. This is why paying attention to WHERE on the plant the deficiency is happening is important! If the yellowing(chlorosis) is occurring from the bottom up then its a nitrogen deficiency if the problem occurred from the top down you have an immobile nutrient deficiency that is causing your interveinal chlorosis. First thing I would look at is your PH make sure its not to high as this hurt most immobile nutrients. I hope this helps bring some insight. Please update us on the source of the chlorosis so we can better diagnose this plant. :sunglasses: (If were looking at a N deficiency there isn't much you can do as the damage is essentially done)
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello ! The plant is yellowing from the top to the bottom since the 2nd week of flowering and with a veg feeding during the stretch so I bet on HighTV diagnosis. Is that me or you have some apical chlorosis ? I can spot some top white buds : if so then the light is too close from the top
DasBoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey there @Pixsna, basically you're missing some veg nutes (like N), so the plant sapped what it did have to flower. So there's two ways to go about this, first way is to try to correct it using veg nutes in the feed to try to stop the progression of the yellowing, the other strategy is to keep doing what you're doing and basically pray for the best. What i can tell you now, for what it's worth is that your bud quality wont be affected, you'll still get tasty + strong bud ! otherwise if you want to suplement something try cal mag, many cal mags have N in them, this might help if you dont want to go back to veg nutes. I would stay the course if I were you, no sense making it worse trying to fix it .... that's it ! :rocket:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
well the dmage is done, its non reversible. Your plant needed some N for the stretch int flowering, so she cannibalised herself.You got to give a vegetation and a blooming fert. for the first 2 weeks of flowering ( for the next grow)because the plant stretches and has big needs in N. Now the plant is focussing in the flowers.there is very less you can do now against the yellowing and in my opinion no need to. You can give her some Blackstrapmolasses with the waterings and go on feeding like now. Bud show up very nice and your plant looks good ( ignoring the leaves)