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Silvik started grow question 3 years ago
Hello! /Hydro/ I heard that two days flushing with the plain water before the solution change is good for the plant and after this two days it become hungry, starts to eat more and grow faster. What you think?
My plant is almost 4 week old and started flowering.
Hydro Cookies
4 weeks
Hydro Cookies Silvik
Cream Cookies Auto
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Week 3
Techniques. Defoliation
The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
I wouldn't flush your them , you're plants are relying on the nutrients in your res so they can grow . With hydroponics set ups its important to have them in the mix otherwise you will run into problems . If it was a soiless medium or just soil I would have suggested to do it every second or 3rd watering in order to help prevent nutrient burns and for your plants to use up all the nutrients but with hydroponics this isn't the case with the water flowing all the time they absorb nutrient water all the time which is needed because they have no were else to get from a hydro set up . what i am noticing how ever is that your leaves are really really dark green and then the veins of your leaves are yellow , the yellowing of your leaves veins is Magnesium deficiency you can fix this by very simply adding some CalMg to your nutrient solution . This will take away that yellow and return your leaves to an all green status ! :) The dark dark green I see is signs of way to much nitrogen in your solution . This will eventually lead into burns . Seeing as your in flower I would adjust your nutrient solution to be more bloom oriented and to reduce the strength of your nutrient solution by just a tad and this will do 2 things fix your nitrogen problem as well as give your plant a good PK spike to help it form and build buds faster and stronger ! All in all you just have a few minor things to fix up and you will be rocking and rolling ! I hope this information helps you ! -Happy Growing!
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
I don't buy into magic tricks like that and frankly something like that might stress an autoflowering strain. So my advice is not to do it. Also the plant will explode with growth anyway, since it's about to enter the preflwoer / stretch. On another note, your foliage looks somewhat on the darkish green side; I would turn down the nute solution either to 350 or 300 PPM