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KrashAndBurn started grow question 5 years ago
Since its gonna be my first harvest in about 2 weeks are there any tips you guys might have to have a better harvest also what is the best way to keep odor down as much as possible. Its legal to grow in California I just don't want my neighbors to smell it
Blue Dream My First Grow
15 weeks
Blue Dream My First Grow KrashAndBurn
Blue Dream
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Week 13
Techniques. Defoliation
Stick answered grow question 5 years ago
Hi @KrashAndBurn! Don't forget to flush your medium with plain pH'd water, 7 to 10 days before harvest in soil, this will ensure you a clean product without any nutrient/chemical left in the buds. Harvest in the morning (before the light turns on) if you want terpenes and effects to be at their peak, light and heat degrade trichomes during the day. Regarding the drying process, don't rush, try to dry your buds as slow as you can, you don't want to mess with this final step or you can ruin your product. I like to dry in 2 times, In a 1st time I hang the branches upside down for 7 to 10 days, then I cut the buds out of their stems and lay them down in a drying-net for 7 to 14 days. If you want to prevent the smell from invading your neighbourhood, consider drying in your grow tent, with the lights off but the air extraction (and carbon filter) on. You can also look for a product called "ONA neutralizer", this is really efficient when it comes to destroying odours, but don't put it in the same room than your buds, ONA is so strong it could affect your terpenes, basically your buds will taste like your ONA :open_mouth: Combined with ONA, I also use a mister, with a few drops of essential oils, this embalms my place and does mask the skunky smell. Hope this will help, congrats and enjoy your 1st harvest :facepunch:
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 5 years ago
hey man, well so close to the harvest there's not much you can do at this point, that's the simple truth, but for the odor what you can do is make a drying box, just take a normal cardboard box, put a rack through it (to hang your bud from), on one of the side cut a whole and attach a small exhaust fan blowing out, or just dry directly in your grow tent and keep the filter on , shouldn t be a problem hiding the smell. good luck crossing the finish line ! :rocket:
OutForReal answered grow question 5 years ago
Hello ! 1st tips cut after a night because THC production is at a peak at the end of the night and are degraded by the light. 2nd Dry in a dark place , not too warm and without an high relative humidity. 3rd Check you buds during drying in case of high RH. 4th If you have a carbon filter in your box then dry your plant inside of the box as your RH should already be low inside (30%) and if you have no carbon filter then you can use an essential oil diffuser to try to hide the smell but with some strain I don't even try to hide as the smell is impossible to control. I hope it will help you