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Thedoctorjodie started grow question 4 years ago
So, the top half of my plant is about a week from harvest. The bottom half has started to look nicer as I've lost some of the highest fan leaves.

Is it possible to cut off just the top half of the plant and let the lower portions continue to grow? Or is the shock too much?
Amnesia Haze Auto
20 weeks
Amnesia Haze Auto Thedoctorjodie
Amnesia Haze Auto
13 comments · 4 years ago
Week 16
Techniques. Defoliation
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
hey Dr.Jodie, so you can get actually much better results harvesting in stages. Whenever the first half is ready, chop it down and keep the bottom half going another week or two. it looks riddiculous but works a charm! in fact, when you chop the first half the plant will think it's under attack and actually produce more trichomes and more terpenes on the remaining half. That means stronger, better tasting bud ! what's not to like ? hope this helps ! :rocket:
Experimentgreen answered grow question 4 years ago
It's normal for the heavily light saturated areas to appear done sooner and there are many partial harvest methods, whether the top is finished first or the sides and the the center needs maturing. I think you're safe to do it in phases, but you'll want to protect the areas that have been cut so that the openings don't get diseased or debris etc in them. Whether you seal up the cuts or place tape over them,I think its smart to at least do something to the cut branches.
Happy harvesting, the buds are looking beautiful. :v:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 4 years ago
For sure. Its a good possability to harvest. you dont have to be concerned of shocking her ( she will be cut at all)
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
Many growers do just that, harvest in stages. You harvest the part that's ready and give the rest another week or two.