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smurgrow started grow question 4 years ago
For an outdoor auto grow does it make sense to move the plants during the day to maximise direct sunlight (8h vs 12h) or is it better to leave them undisturbed. better to keep plants under a basic light setup eg 85w 4750 lumen cfl up to 100cm from light during veg stage?
Second Batch
12 weeks
Second Batch smurgrow
66 comments · 4 years ago
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OutForReal answered grow question 4 years ago
Yes it makes sense , I have this problem myself and I can't move them ( stealth grow ) so I loose direct sunlight and a bit of energy. During veg if you can put them out during day time and inside during night time ( under the FL) it would be perfect to maximise the autos grow :v::skin-tone-3: