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Threecube started grow question 3 years ago
I am out of town for 4 days , can i place them somewhere behind the computer and will be they fine if i leave them 4 days without any light?
Also, should i move them to bigger pots? I am thinking of a small bushy plants (later i will do LST) so will be 4 or 5 litre pot enough?
[First grow] "quick one RQS"
7 weeks
[First grow] "quick one RQS" Threecube
Quick One
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OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
They can survive to 4 days without light , like you can survive 2 days and a half without water but I'm not sure it will lead to a healthy situation in both cases :thinking_face:. Now concerning the pot , 7L is the minimum required for an auto and as your auto is a fast flowering one you should transplant as soon as possible ( If you only have 5L then it can fit , I already did it but the yield will not be amazing ( around 20g in my case ). A free advice for you , water less and make some holes at the bottom of the pot to drain the excess of water and avoid over watering :v::skin-tone-3:
CANNASIM answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey @threecube, hope is all good, here are my takes on your questions.

0- Less stress = better results for autos keep that in mind.

1- If you can, you should leave them in the light, autos have to go as smooth an stress free.

2- Aim for a minimum of a 2 gallon pot, better would be 3 gallon. The rule is the bigger the pot the bigger the root system and bigger the plant gets. A side note is that transplanting autos may cause stress and stunt, so next time you can plant in the final pot. Type of pot comes to preference, smart or air pots gives the root more oxigen, faster growth, but dry faster than solid ones that you water less and have the downfalls of it...

3-If you think water won't be enouth for this days you are out(or when you make a longer trip), take a bottle make some holes in the cap and fit in the soil, cap facing it, make sure the water is not running and is still, that will moist the soil gradualy. In you tube you find many diy tutorials on that.

4- In your first grow I strongly advise you to grow naturally, no training, autos are super easy if you avoid issues, have a look on my Stress Killer diary, i have only done leaf tucking, super basic and pulled a very nice yield.

Cheers, happy growing!
Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi @Threecube! Don't do that, this will stunt your autos and dramatically impact your yield. Move them under a window or wherever they can get some natural light, if you don't want to let them in your cardboard setup. About the container, 5L is not enough for an autoflowering strain, especially with soil (it could work quite well with coco). The bigger the roots, the bigger yield in the end, so try to give them at least a 7L container, 9-11L is a standard for autos. Also since we're talking about containers, you should avoid these plastic crap, and look for a airy container such as AirPot/SmartPot. This will help roots to breath, medium to dry, and prevent from rootbound. Finally, if you do LST, do it carefully and don't over-do, it's really easy to stunt an auto and slow down its growth, in a few words "less is more" so just slowly accompany the main stems in order to open up the plant, but avoid radical/hardcore bending. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and happy growing!