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MrGiggles420 started grow question 5 years ago
Should I use my bloom nutrients through the vegative stage and how can I get co2
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The Giggle Chronicles MrGiggles420
Cali OG Kush
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Stick answered grow question 5 years ago
Nope, blooming nutrients should only be used once your plant shows pre-flowers. You should refer to GHE feeding schedule, and try 1/4 to 1/2 of their recommended doses. About CO2, you can find CO2-bags ready-to-use, that's probably the simplest solution. You just have to open the top of the bag, and CO2 will be delivered slowly through your airflow. I'll be around, good luck with these babies!
Newfoundland420 answered grow question 5 years ago
I would ONLY use bloom nutes if it is part of a 3 part system (General Hydroponics Micro Grow Bloom for example) The 3 part systems pretty much require all 3 to an extent. But you can check the feeding schedule of the nutrients you are providing.

Even using these 3 part systems, if you introduce more BLOOM juice you can potentially slow the growth down as it uses the nutrients for bloom to focus on bud development when there are no buds to be developed.

If you are in veg stay on veg nutes and your bloom juices should be lower than your base micro/veg.

If you are in bloom you want your base and veg nutes to be lower (removing nitrogen and other properties so the plant can use up what is has stored before the flush) and your bloom feeding will be higher than the micro/grow if you get what I am saying.