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beer420 started grow question 5 years ago
Dear reader, I have 3 plants: the one with the blue badge is looking good but the other 2 are short in my opinion. They have lots of leaves and branches but they are like 12 cm high. Is this a problem? Solution? (Lights higher maybe?) Thanks!
First grow! Check it out!
17 weeks
First grow! Check it out! beer420
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58 comments · 4 years ago
Week 4
Leaves. Too many
Removed answered grow question 5 years ago
That's good, they have not stretched because they receive a good amount of light and so they don't need to grow more stem. Keep in mind that what's important is that they develop nodes, leaves, side shoots, not stem. A squat plant is much better than a stretchy one, it will be easier to have a flat canopy and you will have much less risk of running out of space; LED bulbs are great for that. I invite you to visit my diaries where I'm using LED bulbs exclusively, they will give you much better results than CFL at a 25% the power draw of CFL. PRO TIP: take the plastic dome off, it will give you quite a boost in their light output.
OutForReal answered grow question 5 years ago
Hi there ! I think your lights is not too close from your plants , if you put them higher it will increase the stretch ! According to me they are not so short , but if you want your secondary stems to get more light you can still top your plants. If you take a look at other diadies at the same stage , some plants are bigger , some wicker , it's all about the genetics and the setup ! But your strains are Autos so during the next couple week and during the stretch they will get biggers and taller ! I hope it will help you :grin: