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Dutch Passion Power Plant Auto
14 weeks
Dutch Passion Power Plant Auto TheCannaProphet
Auto Power Plant
31 comments · 5 months ago
Dutch Passion Glueberry OG
23 weeks
Dutch Passion Glueberry OG TheCannaProphet
Glueberry O.G.
59 comments · 3 months ago
Blue Dream'Matic First Grow
13 weeks
Blue Dream'Matic First Grow Green_Mountains
Blue Dream Auto
38 comments · 6 months ago
1st Grow: Exotic Genetix Truffle Monkey
21 weeks
1st Grow: Exotic Genetix Truffle Monkey tokesly
Exotic Genetix - Truffle Monkey
13 comments · 11 months ago
Gorilla Cookies Auto (Autopot)
14 weeks
Gorilla Cookies Auto (Autopot) myrceneCB1
Gorilla Cookies Auto
34 comments · 9 months ago
Auto Flower Perpetual Redundancy Part 3
11 weeks
Auto Flower Perpetual Redundancy Part 3 Philindicus
OG Kush RBx Autoflower
29 comments · 10 months ago
1st timer, Bruce Banner
18 weeks
1st timer, Bruce Banner Who_is_grow_are
Bruce Banner Auto
14 comments · 8 months ago
Blue Dream CBD (Top Fed DWC)
20 weeks
Blue Dream CBD (Top Fed DWC) myrceneCB1
Blue Dream CBD
18 comments · 11 months ago

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♡Haze #1♡ by ☆weedseedsexpress☆
20 weeks
♡Haze #1♡ by ☆weedseedsexpress☆ Organic_LarF
Haze 1 feminized seeds
39 comments · 5 months ago
♡Chemdawg♡ by weedseedsexpress!!!
20 weeks
♡Chemdawg♡ by weedseedsexpress!!! Organic_LarF
Chemdawg feminized seeds
35 comments · 5 months ago
Cash Express by Zamnesia
22 weeks
Cash Express by Zamnesia Organic_LarF
Cash Express
23 comments · 7 months ago
Mephisto Strawberry Nuggets Manifesto
11 weeks
Mephisto Strawberry Nuggets Manifesto Philindicus
Strawberry Nuggets
44 comments · 1 year ago
Dutch Passion & friends
25 weeks
Dutch Passion & friends TheCannaProphet
+2 strains
40 comments · 9 months ago
OHH!! White Widow ( bam-ba-lam )
14 weeks
OHH!! White Widow ( bam-ba-lam ) northernMike
White Widow
122 comments · 3 months ago
Return of the hawk
13 weeks
Return of the hawk Hawkbo
+5 strains
64 comments · 5 months ago
How Bout Dat Sour Cracks!
10 weeks
How Bout Dat Sour Cracks! Philindicus
Sour Crack
35 comments · 1 year ago

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Two grows and still no issue, no broken zippers, no tears
1 day ago
It's tenting skills are epic.
3 days ago
Love the Gorilla Lite 4x4! Zippers are solid, easy access around the tent, well designed n constructed
2 weeks ago
Its actually the cheapest tent on amazon put i only grow autos so light leak is no worries.
2 weeks ago
Solid tent; continues to work as good as the day I bought it many years later.
2 weeks ago
Latest comments

Love the tent. Would have loved for there to be a ‘drop in slot’ to insert a ‘furnace filter’ on the air intakes. I’m a weirdo, I know. Figured adding a filter on the external would help decrease any cat dander, hair, dust, etc. I’ve got the 5x5x8 tent. Rigged a 10x20x1 filter. Be awesome for future versions of their tents !